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Through our extensive system modules, which are built into the software, you will have the benefits of portability and interoperability, which allows the modules to function with the components of other systems of the software. You don’t have to recreate the wheel because we have already developed the templates with Certdox to help you streamline the process.

  • Document Control Register Templates per Standard
  • 17 default training record templates
  • Internal Audit Checklist per Standard
  • 36 configurable dropdowns
  • Management Review and Monthly Food Safety meeting agenda templates
  • 53 permission settings
  • 4 Facility Inspection Templates
  • 69 configurable e-mail notifications
  • Food Defense Audit Template
  • Approved Supplier Evaluation Template
  • Verification/Validation Schedule Template
  • Over 60 selectable filters
  • Over 130 identified food safety hazards
  • Over 300 ingredients with associated hazards
  • Over 160 processes with associated hazards
  • Enter data in real time
  • Become a greener, paper-free company by saving costs on purchasing and eliminate paper waste
  • Free up office space without file cabinets full of binders of paperwork
  • Ability to click an Add New button, enter data and save
  • Management has access to data in real time from any browser
  • Management has access to data in real time from any browser
  • Management has access to data in real time from any browser
  • Easy access to procedures, forms and record during an audit
  • Ability to trend analysis data entered
  • Ability to have relational forms. Customer Complaints and Corrective Action are relational. Action Items and Work Orders can be created directly from a facility inspection. Action Items can be created directly from Meeting Minutes
  • No more keeping master logs to summarize records. Once the record is created it is automatically entered into the log for reporting
  • Multiple personnel can access the data at the same time
  • Easy to configure backend system
  • Easy to use interface. Simple and straight forward
  • Easy to use interface. Simple and straight forward
  • Ability to customize forms
  • Ability to give feedback for improvements to the software. We listen to your needs and build them into the system
  • Software can be used on any mobile device that has a web browser
  • Increased lead time for preparing for your audit
  • Helps to be audit ready every day
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