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Setup & Implementation Services


The set-up is a smooth and easy process.

The set-up is a smooth and easy process. First, we get to know you and your company’s needs and put together a plan of action. We create the database, customize your forms, train on data entry and how to use the modules, then we go live!


Database Creation

Your project manager will create the database and configure the basic system setup. There are some key items that we will need from you in order to customize the system for your needs. We have created a simple checklist to help guide you through the process.


Customize your forms

Certdox has many options so that the system is customized for your process. Your project manager will review the items that you submitted during Phase 1. From there we assess the forms that can be created in the system and plan for customization.


Data Entry

Once the forms and registers have been created, we are able to start the data entry phase. Your project manager is there to support you through this process. Initial training will be conducted for a select few employees that will be tasked with data entry.



System training may be conducted onsite or remotely. Some companies prefer to have one on one face time with their project manager when rolling the system out. Others are cost conscious and prefer remote training. Remote training is held via a video conference where your project manager can share their screen to walk you through each of the modules. The Administrator of the system will also receive training on the backend setup of the system.


Go Live!

Congratulations. You are about to experience the ease of use for collecting your real time data. Mobile devices should be configured and ready to be taken into the facility.

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