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What our customers are saying

Margarita Guillen
Plantain Products Company | SFQ Practitioner


What our customers are saying

Certdox has improved efficiency by providing a central location for documents to be shared and monitored between departments.

With Certdox we have better accountability in our SQF Food Safety Program.

Alex Van Etten - Maine Coast

Our company started using Certdox this year and I have to say it’s perfect for keeping all our documents stored, date & time stamped in one place. It saves time when you’re looking for information and no more running out of space. All the information is instantly available and very easy to use. I love the Dashboard; it helps so much.

All the info you need is right there and keeps all our users informed on what’s coming up, due & past due. I am extremely satisfied with this software, the best one out there!

Cynthia Gonzales - Silvestri Sweets

Certdox has been extremely helpful in managing tasks and keeping employees easily informed of new food safety updates. Using this software has freed up a tremendous amount of time, whereas without it, too much paper gets in the way and it becomes difficult to get tasks done efficiently.  Now that we have completely converted our SQF system to Certdox, we can’t imagine going back to the way we used to do it.

Joseph Bianco III - Bianco & Sons

Certdox, as a food safety management software, is the antidote to the pains and struggles of organizing and ensuring compliance with BRC or HACCP. The system allows you to have all of your food safety requirements in one location. Login and your food safety data is available in real time. Support for the software is of the highest caliber.

Isidro Rodriguez - Interstate Foods

There are many things that I love and appreciate about CertDox. It is hard to prioritize, but I would have to say the peace of mind of being 100% audit-ready is my favorite. Thanks to checklists and reminders, I sleep well the night before an audit, confident that nothing has fallen through the cracks. I also enjoy how much of my day-to-day time I get back, since I am not constantly scavenging through cardboard boxes for old forms or sifting through endless binders. I can now allocate that time towards preventative measures and progression. Lastly, I enjoy the countless electronic forms. I never have to have a conversation about poor penmanship again!

Jim O’Toole - Bertolino Foods

We continue to love Certdox, and every supplier and auditor we’ve brought in has been impressed with the ease at which we are able to pull information. It is incredibly user-friendly and makes audits a breeze!

Abbie Fobbe - Gateway Food Products Company
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