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Tired of shelves and drawers overflowing with paperwork? Want to get rid of paper and free up useful workspace? Do you like saving money and operating your business with fewer headaches? The answer is Certdox.

When it comes to food safety and compliance, our cloud-based system will help you manage important information giving you access to data in real time from any browser or any device through our easy-to-use interface.

Behind the Certdox software are years of trial and error before perfecting our management system. In the past, we’ve seen clients tirelessly struggle using outdated methods of document storage and retrieval, and wrong versions of documents. This can lead to delays in submitting timely paperwork for audits, inventory status, and time sensitive data to make crucial and swift business decisions.


The purpose of Certdox is to help you save time, money and increase business productivity.

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    Save time

    Spend less time chasing paper and more time improving systems in one central platform.

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    It’s crucial to stay compliant with food safety standards and regulations. Audits are an important component of maintaining certification, by providing transparency and assurance that standards are being met and maintained by your business. With Certdox, you will be audit ready on a daily basis and have confidence during a regulatory inspection.

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    Stay on track with your daily tasks. With automation and real-time data, you will manage the process easily.


Through our extensive system modules, which are built into the software, you will have the benefits of portability and interoperability, which allows the modules to function with the components of other systems of the software. You don’t have to recreate the wheel because we have already developed the templates with Certdox to help you streamline the process.

  • Document Control Register Templates per Standard
  • 17 default training record templates
  • Internal Audit Checklist per Standard
  • 36 configurable dropdowns
  • Management Review and Monthly Food Safety meeting agenda templates
  • 53 permission settings
  • 4 Facility Inspection Templates
  • 69 configurable e-mail notifications

One of the most important aspects of growing your business is mobility. We offer remote access into the platform to allow you to work from anywhere as long as your device has a web browser so you can access the system. You can use personal laptops and mobile devices through Certdox’s cloud-based technology.

There is never such a thing as being too prepared. With that in mind, have all of your reports and data ready in real time giving you the confidence to be successful during your audit or inspection.

Our comprehensive software helps clients reduce paper consumption by eliminating your need for binders and folders. Most of your data is entered directly into our system allowing you to operate virtually paper-free and dedicate more physical space for every day office needs. You are contributing to a more eco-conscious and sustainable environment.

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