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How Certdox Can Help your Organization with Cost Savings During COVID-19

As we have been bracing the changes, shutdowns, gradual re-openings and stress since the onslaught of COVID-19, many Food Operators are adapting to the work at home culture.  There is a silver lining in all of this. Did you know that Certdox Food Safety Management Software can save labor hours through the paperless software in addition to helping your employees access the system remotely?

Employees can easily manage paper and forms by keeping them stored electronically.  With limited employees, Food Operators and Businesses can manage the same workload using Certdox Food Safety Management Software.  It takes less time to enter live data electronically and save it than managing paper forms and filing, scanning, or placing them placing them in binders.  Retrieving data with Certdox Food Safety Management Software has never been easier or quicker.  Retrieving the data is faster and more effective when the data is in a database as compared to being stored in folders and bulky binders. 

In addition, Certdox helps clients reduce paper consumption by eliminating the need to purchase paper, equipment, office space, overhead, etc. All of the data is entered directly into the Certdox system allowing you to operate virtually paper-free and dedicate more physical space for every day office needs. You are contributing to a more eco-conscious and sustainable environment. 

Saving time, labor hours, cost of materials, and contributing to a more eco-friendly environment, is how Certdox Food Safety Management Software can help your organization, especially during COVID-19

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