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Risks of Food Safety Operators and why Software Management is Critical Today

Today, Food Safety management is one of the top risks facing the food industry.  Consumers are worried about recalls, unsafe products, food borne illnesses, etc.  Consumers can make or break your company or a brand that does not take food safety compliance seriously.  According to USA TODAY, Americans experience more food recalls today than they did five years ago, particularly when it comes to meat and poultry.  Meat and poultry recalls increased by two-thirds from 2013 to 2018, while food recalls overall edged up 10 percent.

Food Safety regulations and standards are becoming stricter, and the potential impact on your brand’s reputation and bottom line are only growing. 

Certdox Food Safety Management software enables better visibility into your supply chain, giving you the data in real time that you need to make informed decisions and improve your food safety programs, monitor multiple processes at one and more.  Whether it is compliance documentation, audits, or communications with your supplier network, Certdox brings it all together in one easy to use dashboard that can be accessed on-site or remote from any location. 

It is important more than ever to mitigate your food safety and non-compliance risks through workflows and customizable documentation that is required.

Times of crisis call for fast, decisive action and swift execution. The retail grocery industry has experienced this firsthand as a result of the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19.  COVID-19 has led to a spike in sales and caused wide supply chain disruption.  From inventory redirection, product shortages and added measures to protect consumer and employee wellness, the Food industry has been forced to react swiftly and decisively. However, with fast change and consumer demand, Food Safety Operators must be able to adapt to these changes in the supply chain, but with caution and maintain continuous safety measures.

Call today (305) 418-0300 for a free consultation to ensure Food and Safety requirements are met. Certdox can help keep your business operations compliant and up to date.  We make the process simple.