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The New Culture of Remote Working for Food Safety Operations

Over the last few months, we have seen a major shift in how businesses are increasingly adapting to the “work from home” culture and are continuing to do so. The beauty of Certdox food safety software is that you can access the software from anywhere. You can log in remotely from your mobile, tablet or desktop computer.  Food organizations are still able to work effectively and embrace the new culture of remote working for food safety operations.

With Certdox food safety software, users can upload data in real-time and have full autonomy while maintaining control at a central business unit. It is crucial to have reports and data ready in real-time giving you the confidence and tools to be successful during your audit or inspection.

From anywhere, you can see processes and food safety insights without the physical site visits or the headache of time-consuming data collection. One of the most important jobs you are tasked with is making sure you are compliant in the food safety requirements.

In addition, the built in modules of the Certdox food safety software allows users to make corrective actions, open and close items remotely, make swift determinations, make notes in the system, see visual records, use and share fillable forms, authorize and restrict user access and visibility to specific role-based operations, remove language barriers with custom language tools and more.

When it comes to food safety and compliance, this cloud-based system will help you manage important information giving you access to data in real-time from any browser or any device through our easy-to-use interface.

Call today (305) 418-0300 for a free consultation to ensure food and safety requirements are met. Certdox can help keep your business operations compliant and up to date.  We make the process simple.




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